St. Augustine Shores is not just another neighborhood—it’s a sanctuary, a lifestyle enveloped by history and kissed by the sea breeze. The enchanting locale has plenty of beautiful homes waiting for you, each one holding the promise of tranquil living and charming aesthetics. (St Augustine Shores homes for sale)

Shawana Boyer, your reliable local real estate agent, brings to you an array of St Augustine Shores homes that beckon you with their unique charm and appeal—homes that are not merely made up of bricks and mortar but are steeped in love, dreams, and opportunities. So come along on this journey as we explore these dwellings together—each one offering another remarkable chapter in your life story! Welcome to St Augustine Shores – where every day feels like vacation!

With its earthen tones and exquisite design, every residence in St Augustine Shores is a piece of architectural brilliance. Situated amidst verdant landscapes, most homes provide scenic views that serve as the perfect backdrop for your morning coffee or evening read. Whether you’re looking for expansive beachfront property with sparkling ocean views or a cozy cottage enveloped by towering trees, Shawana is ready to guide you to your dream home.

The enchanting community of St Augustine Shores also boasts well-manicured parks and recreation spots that contribute to an active weekend lifestyle. From strolling along pristine beaches to savoring sunsets at picturesque piers – there’s something here for everyone! Not only do these spaces encourage physical vitality but promote social interaction among residents encouraging neighborly camaraderie.

In addition to the paradise-like living environment, St Augustine Shores offers great connectivity through efficient road networks making your travel seamlessly comfortable and quick whether it’s office commuting or Sunday shopping trips.

St. Augustine Shores Real Estate

Augustine Shores Real Estate

Nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway and the Matanzas River’s tranquil shores, St. Augustine Shores is a hidden gem in Florida real estate that presents a harmonious blend of sumptuous living and natural beauty. This one-of-a-kind community not only boasts scenic views but also highlights an array of stunning homes built with architectural brilliance.

But don’t simply be drawn in by the aesthetics; investing in St. Augustine Shores real estate means acquiring more than just a beautiful property. It’s about experiencing an enriching lifestyle that embraces outdoor pursuits like golfing, fishing, and boating and indulging yourself in its uniquely vibrant culture awash with history, arts & music festivals. Indeed, it effortlessly combines the allure of coastal living within historic St.Augustine; America’s oldest city — making it an irresistible destination for both homeowners and investors alike!

Imagine waking up every morning to the soothing sounds of waves lapping against the shore, with a view of wide-open waters glittering under the Florida sun. Welcome to St Augustine Shores, where scenic beauty meets serene living! Shawana Boyer, an exceptional real estate agent is your guide in this journey towards finding your dream home in this picturesque locale.

Accessible through a winding route bordered by trees and picturesque views, St. Augustine Shores is a residential haven that stretches along the incredible Intracoastal Waterway. This seaside community has managed to maintain its inherent tranquility while still offering residents easy access to local shops, eateries, cultural venues and leisure activities.

The charm of St Augustine Shores lies not only in its natural beauty but also in its diverse blend of architectural styles – from charmingly preserved historic houses nestled amongst sprawling oaks; Mediterranean-inspired villas boasting unparalleled sea-views; classic mid-century homes reflecting the region’s history; and modern condos fitted with state-of-the-art amenities.

Shawana Boyer: Experienced Real Estate Agent


When it comes to scouting the best deals in St. Augustine Shores, few names resonate more powerfully than Shawana Boyer. Boasting several years of experience in real estate under her belt, Shawana masters the local terrain better than anyone else. Regarded highly for her sharp negotiation skills and intricate knowledge of market trends, she has the wherewithal to find you your dream home within an array of attractive price ranges.

Shawana carries a reputation that precedes her – a birthright from countless deferential testimonials sung by clients she steered through complex transactions with both grace and expertise. It’s not just buying or selling; working with Shawana is a lesson in everything real estate encapsulates – from locating hidden gems on unassuming lanes to locking down financing on demanding properties! Allow yourself to be enthralled by this seasoned professional as she orchestrates the perfect symphony between ambition, affordability and authenticity – just for you.

Dive into the diverse, dynamic vastness of the property market with a skilled navigator like Shawana. Her dedication toward achieving her client’s dreams is not just commendable but surpasses all industry standards. From prolific penthouses that tower over cities to cozy cottages enveloped within emerald forests – no terrain remains unchartered under her expert guidance.

Shawana’s reputation resonates with every handshake, meeting and closing deal; it reverberates in real estate circles where experienced investors continue to place their trust in her ability to forecast trends and seize opportunities before they arise on mainstream radars. Part intuitive visionary, part astute analyst, she combines an accurate understanding of future market behavior with foresighted planning tailored specifically for each individual client.

Overview: St. Augustine Shores Community

st augustine shores homes for sale

Imagine settling in a haven where history, serenity, and coastal magnificence blend seamlessly – welcome to St. Augustine Shores Community. This lush neighborhood is not only blessed with the charm of picturesque landscapes but it’s also enriched with an array of amenities that cater to residents’ desires for relaxation, recreation and leisure time well spent.

St. Augustine Shores Community proudly hosts over 14 lakes graced by the comforting shade of mature oak trees and features amenities including a 500-foot fishing pier, marina, Riverview Club Complex with a large pool and tennis courts, plus several walking trails for those who love exploring on foot or bike rides. The homes here carry alluring charisma; offering captivating interior designs while presenting desirable views from every corner. Make your dream home ownership in this Florida paradise reality today!

In addition to the spectacular amenities, St. Augustine Shores Community also boasts a close-knit neighborhood ambiance that promotes both security and camaraderie among its inhabitants. Special events – from holiday gatherings to communal cookouts— are regular features on our social calendar, ensuring residents get ample opportunities for interaction and bonding with their neighbors.

Here in St. Augustine Shores, we build more than just homes; we nurture a lifestyle grounded on community participation, healthy living and respect for nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. With over 40 different models of residences available – from charming bungalows to imposing mansions -, you will surely find one that perfectly fits your preferences and needs.

Living in this Florida paradise won’t be complete without the convenience provided by a range of local services within easy reach – grocery stores, restaurants, schools and clinics are all just minutes away from your doorstep.

Features of St. Augustine Shores Homes

Features of St. Augustine Shores Homes

St. Augustine Shores Homes are the epitome of luxury and comfort, embedded in the picturesque settings of Florida’s historic city. These iconic residences offer not just a house but a lifestyle that harmonizes nature, history, and modern amenities. A striking feature like Spanish-style architecture reminisces about the centuries-old heritage while open floor plans track along with contemporary trends.

These homes come equipped with top-notch facilities including state-of-the-art kitchens, spacious rooms with large windows for natural light, private swimming pools, and lush landscaped gardens. Encapsulated within safe community boundaries, they present wide sidewalks for evening strolls or cycle rides. Living in St Augustine Shores homes is about enjoying the harmony of life: where history meets today balanced by oceanside tranquility and vibrant neighborhood life.

Moving on to the interiors, filled with natural elements and neutral tones, represent an interesting blend of modern design trends merged gracefully with traditional allure. St Augustine Shores homes portray open, airy living spaces adorned with fireplaces for those cozy winter evenings and ceiling fans to beat the summer heat.

The exceptional kitchens boast granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry – truly a cook’s paradise! Bathrooms outfitted with modern fixtures add character to these homes without losing functionality. Furthermore, meticulously designed bedrooms provide enough space for every member of the family while also ensuring privacy when needed.

Outdoors is nothing short of captivating as well; from beautifully maintained lawns that offer green views through large picture windows or private patio spaces ideal for weekend barbeques or simply unwinding after a long day.

Purchasing Process with Shawana Boyer

Shawana Boyer Has Over 25 Years of Experience in Florida Market

With Shawana Boyer guiding you, the home-buying process in St Augustine Shores becomes a journey of discovery rather than stress. Shawana uses her in-depth knowledge of local real estate trends to help identify homes that precisely meet your preferences and budget.

Most importantly, she empowers you to make wise decisions. From inspecting potential properties, negotiating prices to finalizing paperwork, each step becomes less intimidating as Shawana provides clear guidance throughout the process. The result? You find not just a house, but a home that fits your dreams at St. Augustine Shores.Reinvent your experience of purchasing with Shawana’s professional and caring approach in your corner! (St Augustine Shores homes for sale)

In her work, Shawana is driven by not just convenience for you but a comprehensive understanding of your needs. She appreciates the value of partnership and believes in always putting her clients first. Driven by an unwavering commitment to integrity and trust, she works tirelessly with potential sellers to ensure that you get only the best deals.

Shawana understands what it takes to navigate St Augustine’s Shore’s competitive real estate market, especially for first-time buyers. Unfamiliar terms and complex processes can often become overwhelming – this is where Shawana steps in! Her thorough explanation helps break down rigid procedures into a seamless experience.

Bringing years of profound expertise combined with attentive service, Shawana takes out time not only to assess your requirements but also walk you through various listings suiting your lifestyle optimally. Whether it is arranging viewings or sorting finances; planning relocation or settlement discussions, under her trusted guidance rest assured all complexities will be stripped away leaving just plain simplicity behind. (St Augustine Shores homes for sale)

Testimonials from Happy Homeowners

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in real estate is hearing the joy in a client’s voice when they find their dream home. We’re fortunate to have a host of testimonials from delighted homeowners we’ve worked with, demonstrating the happiness homeowners experience from buying St Augustine Shores homes. Like Jack and Sarah, recent buyers who said: Shawana Boyer truly made our house hunting adventure a breeze. Her intimate knowledge about St Augustine Shores helped us to land our forever home! (St Augustine Shores homes for sale)

Then there’s Dave and Susan who moved into their beautiful waterfront property last month. They were blown away by Shawana’s dedication throughout their purchasing process noting: that Shawana was like a guardian angel navigating us through an initially daunting process. What stood out was how effortlessly Shawana turned their vision into reality, making transitioning to St. Augustine Shores not just possible but genuinely enjoyable! These testimonials affirm the shared passions that bring buyers, sellers and dedicated real estate agents together to create these fulfilling experiences.

Next, we have Mike and Stephanie. These recent retirees were nervous about making such a significant transition from bustling city life to a serene neighborhood in cashmere valleys. They spoke warmly of their agent’s understanding and patience, particularly towards Shawana: Shawana was an absolute rock throughout our entire home buying journey! She understood our needs and walked us through every step with patience.

Thanks to her expertise, they state that moving into their retirement dream home now seems like the best decision they could have ever made. The team at St Augustine Shores aim to make this overwhelming process an exciting chapter in everyone’s lives. (St Augustine Shores homes for sale)

Another story comes from Jessica who sought out real estate opportunities for further investments after recently inheriting several properties from her family. Instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety or misgivings on her own, she decided to reach out to Shawana on the recommendation of previous clients Dave and Susan.


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