One of Jacksonville’s main draws is its beautiful coastline. Boasting miles of pristine sandy beaches, its coastline provides the ideal place to soak up some sun or take a refreshing dip into the Atlantic Ocean. Surfing, paddleboarding, or simply lounging on its shores offer idyllic retreats within its shorelines; Jacksonville beaches provide an idyllic retreat! Here is 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville provides plenty of outdoor adventures beyond the beach for those searching for outdoor adventures beyond beachgoing. Enjoy its gorgeous parks and nature preserves throughout the city; Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is an essential stop where visitors can immerse themselves in Florida’s lush natural beauty while learning its rich history.

Those interested in history should visit St. Augustine – just a short drive from Jacksonville. As America’s oldest continuously inhabited European settlement, this charming city offers stories galore through its historic sites and museums.

Jacksonville boasts an acclaimed arts scene with numerous galleries and theaters showcasing local talent. The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens showcases ancient pieces alongside more contemporary ones while providing breathtaking views of the St. Johns River.

Jacksonville offers an exciting culinary scene for foodies of all kinds, featuring fresh seafood dishes prepared by world-class chefs and international cuisine from local eateries.

No matter your interests or preferences, Jacksonville offers something for every traveler – relaxing on beautiful beaches or exploring its rich culture and history. From natural attractions like its unique beaches to cultural landmarks and culinary offerings – Jacksonville promises an incredible travel experience – so pack up and prepare to discover its charms!

1. Explore Historic Neighborhoods and Architecture

Explore Historic Neighborhoods and Architecture

Riverside Avondale boasts an outstanding collection of magnificently preserved homes dating back to the early 20th century. Explore tree-lined streets with breathtaking examples of Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, and Mediterranean Revival architectural styles while learning about their rich histories and unique tales of each building.

Experience an array of architectural styles spanning Queen Anne and Prairie School to Art Deco in Springfield. This neighborhood hosts an eclectic collection of restored homes featuring intricate details that reflect Jacksonville’s past. Take an architectural tour through these vibrant streets to uncover hidden gems representing Jacksonville’s diverse architectural history. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

San Marco is an elegant Mediterranean Revival neighborhood known for its beautiful waterfront homes and scenic views. Take a stroll down San Marco Square, where beautifully designed buildings house boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries – immerse yourself in this enthralling neighborhood and discover its rich history!

Architecture tours in Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods allow you to gain deeper insights into their unique characteristics while appreciating their timeless beauty. Furthermore, tours offer an opportunity to meet some notable architects who have contributed their stamp to Jacksonville’s landscape and gain an appreciation of preservation efforts that keep these neighborhoods vibrant.

Explore Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods if you appreciate history or architecture! Experience their captivating districts, such as Riverside, Avondale, Springfield, and San Marco, to uncover hidden stories in every building as you witness how these spaces have shaped Jacksonville.

2. Visit Beautiful Beaches and Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Visit Beautiful Beaches and Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Discover Jacksonville, an idyllic coastal paradise where three breathtaking beaches – Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach – beckon with sun-kissed shores and various outdoor activities. Leveraging AI writing technology, let us delve into these captivating destinations and experience the experiences they provide visitors and locals alike – from exhilarating water sports to tranquil beachside strolls. Jacksonville’s beaches provide respite from everyday life for adventure and nature enthusiasts. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

3. Experience Art & Culture at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Experience Art & Culture at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Discover a world of art and culture in Jacksonville at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. Set alongside the St. Johns River, this esteemed institution provides an immersive cultural experience you won’t want to miss. Boasting centuries-spanning artwork collections, meticulously curated galleries, and stunning gardens, the Cummer offers an unforgettable cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Step into an art gallery and embark on an amazing journey through time! Ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces can all be found here – every corner contains treasures that tell tales from different eras and cultures. No matter your taste in art – classical paintings or modern sculptures – something will surely capture everyone’s eye!

The Cummer Museum goes beyond simply showcasing art; its mission is to foster an appreciation for and greater connection with various artistic forms. Interactive exhibits allow you to express your creativity or attend educational programs to further your knowledge of various artistic techniques.

But the Cummer Museum offers much more than its indoor spaces alone. Step outside into its idyllic gardens – featuring meticulously manicured lawns, blooming flowers, and towering trees; here lies an outdoor gallery blending nature with art!

Cummer Museum stands as one of Jacksonville’s treasured cultural attractions and strives to offer enriching experiences to all visitors, be they experienced connoisseurs or just looking for some beautiful surroundings as a source of inspiration. No matter who visits this institution – young or old – their experience will leave a lasting impact.

Explore one of Jacksonville’s hidden treasures – visit the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens today and immerse yourself in art and nature at one of its greatest gems!

4. Discover Adventure at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Are you searching for an enjoyable family adventure in Jacksonville? Look no further than the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens! Located right in the city center, this captivating attraction provides plenty of exciting activities perfect for all household members.

At Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, you and your loved ones can embark on an extraordinary wildlife journey. Immerse yourselves in nature as you discover lush gardens and meet beautiful animals from all around the globe; majestic elephants to playful primates will delight everyone. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting this zoo is experiencing unforgettable wildlife encounters. Engage with some of your favorite creatures through interactive experiences and behind-the-scenes tours, from feeding giraffes to learning about endangered species – these special encounters will create memories you will carry with you forever!

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens provides more than just animal exhibits; it also provides many family-friendly activities. Enjoy walking tours through beautifully landscaped gardens or attend educational presentations about conservation efforts – there’s always something new to experience at this wonderful destination.

Visits to Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens not only offer entertainment and education for your family, but they also help support vital conservation initiatives. By supporting this non-profit organization, you are aiding them in protecting endangered species and conserving natural habitats.

Why wait? Experience an unforgettable day full of wildlife encounters, stunning surroundings, and endless family fun at Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens today! Plan your visit!

Explore History at Kingsley Plantation and Fort Caroline National Memorial

Step back in time and discover Jacksonville, Florida’s rich heritage! From its mesmerizing Kingsley Plantation to Fort Caroline National Memorial, this lively city hosts some of the most significant historical sites. These notable landmarks provide an exceptional glimpse of its captivating heritage; explore them today.

6. Take a Spectacular Riverwalk Stroll With Breathtaking Views of Downtown Skyline

Take a Spectacular Riverwalk Stroll With Breathtaking Views of Downtown Skyline

Discover the captivating allure of Jacksonville’s Riverwalk and indulge yourself in its mesmerizing skyline views and vibrant waterfront activities that await. Situated along the St. Johns River, this picturesque promenade provides plenty of chances to connect with nature, enjoy outdoor recreation, and experience its special ambiance.

Be prepared to be amazed while walking along Jacksonville’s Riverwalk; its majestic skyline will leave you speechless! High-rise buildings create a striking juxtaposition between urban sophistication and natural beauty; be sure to visit at sunrise or sunset for breathtaking vistas that will leave you speechless!

Riverwalk offers more than skyline views; it is packed with exciting water activities that cater to every interest and passion imaginable, such as kayaking and paddleboarding, boat tours, and fishing charters – perfect for anyone seeking an exciting aquatic adventure! Unleash your adventurous side and embark on an incredible journey that will show you Jacksonville from an entirely new vantage point.

If it’s the relaxation you seek, there are numerous inviting parks along the Riverwalk where you can unwind among lush greenery or enjoy a leisurely picnic with loved ones. Take in the gentle breeze as boats sail by while people-watching; this vibrant waterfront attracts both residents and tourists. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

Do not miss the opportunity to explore all the dining options along the Riverwalk, from trendy waterfront restaurants offering delectable seafood dishes to charming cafes offering refreshing beverages – your tastebuds will be delighted while taking in scenic views!

Jacksonville’s Riverwalk provides an engaging escape from everyday life with its captivating skyline views and waterfront activities, promising an unparalleled experience for all visitors. Immerse yourself in Jacksonville’s natural beauty while reveling in its lively energy that flows down St. Johns River.

7. Delight Your Taste Buds with Delicious Local Cuisine and Craft Beer

Delight Your Taste Buds with Delicious Local Cuisine and Craft Beer

Jacksonville restaurants offer an exciting and diverse variety of choices when it comes to dining out, from modern farm-to-table eateries and cozy neighborhood joints serving delicious comfort food to trendy farm-to-table eateries with trendy fare like duck confit, all designed to please every palate and flavor profile. Its cuisine draws upon Southern traditions, seafood specialties, and international flavors for a delicious dining experience!

Jacksonville offers more than food alone – there is also an impressive craft beer scene here, boasting an impressive number of breweries and taprooms throughout the city that will satisfy even the pickiest beer enthusiast’s thirst for quality craft brews. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

Riverside/Avondale offers unique culinary destinations in Jacksonville that you won’t find elsewhere, from charming cafes and trendy bistros, gourmet markets offering all sorts of tempting goodies, to stroll-friendly streets lined with oak trees that feature hidden culinary gems offering delicious bites!

Five Points is an eclectic neighborhood filled with character and flavor. Boasting everything from fine dining restaurants to gastropubs offering inventive cuisine, Five Points should be on any foodies’ itinerary. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

Jacksonville offers an enticing combination of local cuisine, an exhilarating craft beer scene, and thrilling foodie destinations to discover, so pack up your appetite and prepare to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey!

8. Join in a Live Performance or Sporting Event at TIAA Bank Field or Daily’s Place Amphitheater

Live Performance or Sporting Event

TIAA Bank Field, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars football team, is not just a stadium; it is an exciting hub of activity and energy. This venue provides something for everyone, from thrilling NFL games to electrifying concerts by internationally-known artists. So experience all it has to offer by cheering for your favorite team or dancing to live music performances beneath Jacksonville’s starry sky!

Daily’s Place Amphitheater, located adjacent to TIAA Bank Field, offers world-class performances. Boasting open-air design and excellent acoustics, this intimate concert venue enables fans to connect directly with their favorite performers, from rock legends to chart-topping pop stars – Daily’s Place has an extensive lineup of concerts throughout the year that will keep audiences coming back for more!

Jacksonville provides much more when it comes to live entertainment. It boasts an active arts scene with multiple theaters showcasing Broadway shows, musicals, and cutting-edge performances ranging from small independent theaters to grand historic venues – with something exciting always taking place on stage!

Every night, bars and clubs host talented musicians who bring their musical styles to life in memorable performances. No matter your musical taste – jazz, blues, or indie rock – there will surely be an appropriate venue that caters to you! 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

Jacksonville provides visitors with exceptional live entertainment options and diverse dining experiences that cater to all palates. Unwind before or after your show at one of the numerous restaurants in downtown and nearby neighborhoods in Jacksonville.

So why wait? Make plans to visit Jacksonville and discover why TIAA Bank Field and Daily’s Place Amphitheater, coupled with a vibrant live entertainment scene, make this city an essential entertainment destination. Be captivated by unforgettable performances while creating memories to last a lifetime!

9. Stop by Riverside Arts Market for unique finds and local products!

Stop by Riverside Arts Market for unique finds and local products!

At the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, you’ll discover an unparalleled treasure trove of handcrafted goods produced by talented local artists. From intricately designed jewelry and beautiful ceramics to eye-catching paintings and unique fashion pieces crafted by Jacksonville residents, this market celebrates our city’s incredible talent!

What sets this market apart is its dedication to local artisans. By purchasing their works, you will not only take home a piece of Jacksonville’s artistic legacy but also directly contribute to their development and success as talented individuals. Each item tells its tale, showing the passion and care put into its creation.

Riverside Arts Market provides more than just shopping; it also provides an exciting atmosphere that caters to all senses. As you stroll among colorful displays and live musical performances from local musicians, fill the air with melodies that complement your browsing experience perfectly. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

If shopping has left you hungry, don’t despair – the market offers an assortment of delicious food vendors offering delectable cuisine-inspired cuisine, from freshly brewed coffee and decadent pastries to tasty bites that satisfy even the pickiest eaters – there is sure to be something suitable for everyone’s palate!

Just don’t stop there – as you explore further along the riverfront, you will discover breathtaking views and peaceful spots where you can pause to appreciate nature’s wonders. The Riverside Arts Market provides an immersive experience where art meets nature perfectly. 10 Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

No matter your shopping or entertainment needs in Jacksonville, make Riverside Arts Market one of your must-visit spots. Find extraordinary pieces handmade by local artisans while supporting our vibrant art community – it will truly be an experience not to be missed!

10. Relax and Unwind at One of Jacksonville’s Beautiful Parks or Gardens

Relax and Unwind at One of Jacksonville's Beautiful Parks or Gardens

Nestled amid breathtaking landscapes, these tranquil havens provide much-needed respite from city life. From walking leisurely through lush greenery to enjoying an enjoyable picnic with loved ones, Jacksonville has plenty of natural wonders waiting to be explored and experienced. Experience its captivating world where nature meets tranquility – you will feel refreshed at every turn!


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