Shawana Boyer Enterprises-Blessed House Independent Living Services

Independent Living Placement Services Inquiries. Our mission is to offer a safe and nurturing environment for individuals seeking shelter and support during challenging times.

Real Estate Coaching Services

"The Real Estate Queen"- Unlock your real estate potential and achieve unparalleled success with our expert coaching program designed for both new and seasoned agents. Brand Your Business Like A Boss Realtor!

Business Coach & BYOB Services

BUILD YOUR OWN BOUTIQUE COACHING SERVICES... Gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the competitive market, master negotiation techniques, build a robust client base, and maximize your earning potential.

TV Shows/Events

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your programming and captivate your audience with my captivating on-screen presence.


With a dynamic and engaging presence, I connect with audiences on a personal level, delivering thought-provoking stories and practical strategies that drive positive change.

Branding Like A Boss (4 × 6 in)
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